Open Source RADIUS Server for VoIP


BSDRadius is free and opensource RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) server to use primarily in Voice over IP application. It complies with RFC2865 and related RFC, and is extensible by user-defined modules.

It is completely written in Python, higher-level programming language allowing fast development and simpler debugging of code. While some may argue that to achieve high speed of code you should use lower level languages, such as C or C++, we believe that overhead associated with interpretation of Python is set back by ever-growing CPU and hardware speed. We believe that trying to scrap microseconds from code does not justify investment into longer and harder development time associated with lower-level programming language. Besides that, Python itself is written in C and uses C libraries for many of its subroutines. There are good amount of telecom and VoIP related software which contains Python code, for example Asterisk, an open source IP - PBX.

BSDRadius uses very nice and graceful library - pyrad - for lower level operations such as parsing attribute dictionaries and building accounting and authorization packets. Many thanks to Wichert Akkerman ( and other contributors for invaluable work he has devoted to pyrad.

Due to extensive use of Python, BSDRadius is as portable as Python is. There should not be any problem using it on any distribution of Linux or any flavour of BSD (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD). It is theoretically also possible to run it on Windows, although there are no plans to do it at the moment.

BSDRadius project is supported by DataTechLabs, provider of Telecom Software and Services.